Thumbnail pictures from Kasakabe on Shodoshima - Japan


sdsc02564_thumb.jpg 3.8K

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sdsc02873_thumb.jpg 6.0K

sdsc02880_thumb.jpg 5.5K

sdsc02883_thumb.jpg 6.9K

sdsc02886_thumb.jpg 6.6K

sdsc02887_thumb.jpg 5.5K

sdsc02891_thumb.jpg 5.0K

sdsc02895_thumb.jpg 4.0K

sdsc02898_thumb.jpg 3.9K

sdsc02900_thumb.jpg 5.9K

sdsc02901_thumb.jpg 7.2K

sdsc02902_thumb.jpg 5.3K

sdsc02905_thumb.jpg 6.4K

sdsc02917_thumb.jpg 3.2K

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